Admissions Procedure

Mosaic Montessori Academy (MMA) welcomes all qualified children from any socioeconomic background, race, ethnic heritage, religious beliefs, and abilities. Admission is based on space availability, the child’s readiness, and the suitability of MMA for the child’s needs.

  1. Parents are encouraged to attend an “Observation” session during regular school hours where they are given the opportunity to observe the classroom and meet with the school director. Said session will likewise allow the parents to ask pertinent questions including, but not limited to, the school’s history, philosophy, and program description.
  2. If interested, parents may complete and submit an application form form for admission consideration, together with a non-refundable application fee of $50.00 payable to Mosaic Montessori Academy.
  3. All prospective children and parents will be scheduled for an interview with the school director. During this interview, the children will be evaluated on their readiness for school and their potential for success in a Montessori environment.
  4. Upon the child’s acceptance, a signed enrollment agreement and accompanying deposit will become due.

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