Our Mission & Vision

Mosaic Montessori Academy (MMA) is committed to providing children, aged two to six years+, with a creative and adaptive academic & social environment that respects each child’s uniqueness and individuality.  MMA encourages the dynamic collaboration of the child, parent, and the Montessori guide (teacher), in meeting the childʼs developmental needs.  We strongly believe that employing the Montessori principles in guiding children is paramount in creating a solid foundation for the child’s future.

Our History

MMA opened its doors in the Village of River Forest, Illinois on September 2007, with one primary classroom of children, three to six years of age.  It immediately experienced growth that same year, even offering its first summer program also within said year. A Parent-Infant Program opened in the School Year (SY) 2008-2009 to meet the needs of some parents who were seeking this type of program for their very young children.  A Toddler Program, serving two to three year old children, was put in place for the school year 2009-2010.  MMA looks forward to the continued growth of the school in the years ahead as it strives to meet the ever changing needs of the families in the community.

Educational Philosophy

A.M.I Certificate of Recognition: 2022-2023
AMI Recognition Certificate

MMA’s educational philosophy is anchored on the principles of the Montessori method as developed & laid down by Dr. Maria Montessori.  Her approach to education rests on the premise of supporting the tendencies and sensitivities of each individual as they present themselves as different developmental needs at various stages of development.  We believe that (1) an environment that serves the particular needs of the childʼs stages of development; (2) an adult guide who understands the developmental needs of the child and acts as a guide to help the child find his natural path; and (3) the freedom for the child to engage in his own development according to his own timeline, are essential in assisting the child to grow to his fullest potential.